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Table 1 Relation between the questions organised in nine domains of the guide for questions to the six building blocks for health systems

From: Health system factors influencing management of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in four European Union countries - learning from country experiences

  A. MDR-TB facilities and specialists in the country B. Treatment outcome data collection methods C. Available guidance and protocols for management MDR-TB patients D. Health system organisation and financing E. Health and social system organisation F. Health system regulation with regard to TB and MDR-TB treatment G. Availability and uninterrupted supply of MDR-TB drugs H. Public health information approaches for preventions and control of MDR-TB I. Behaviour and attitude of healthcare workers towards MDR-TB treatment
Country’s health system organisation and MDR-TB situation 1,8    32      
Service delivery          
-Diagnosis of MDR and XDR-TB    21–23       
-MDR-TB treatment    25,26       
-(Duration of) Hospitalisation 2–4,9         
-Teamwork and multidisciplinary teams    24,28–30       
-Cross-border MDR-TB case management          
Health workforce 5,6,10   31   40–46     56–57
Health information   13–20        
Medical products, vaccines and technologies    27     50–54   
Sustainable financing and social protection     33–39      
Leadership and governance 7,11      47–49   55  
  1. The letters in the columns refer to the number of the question in the Guide for questions (see Additional file 1)