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Table 2 Estimates and variance structure from the random intercept modela

From: Monthly food insecurity assessment in rural mkushi district, Zambia: a longitudinal analysis

  Estimate (95%CI)
Mean model
 Visit (β1) −0.25 (−0.38, −0.12)
 Constant (β0) 5.82 (5.12, 6.52)
Variance structure
 Between households (τ2) 8.81 (6.67, 11.64)
 Within household (σ2) 10.66 (9.58, 11.87)
 Interclass correlation coefficient (ρ) 0.45  
  1. Abbreviation: CI confidence interval
  2. aIn the random intercept model, the HFI index is modeled as a linear function of visit clustered at household level. The model allows missing information in the follow-up assessments, therefore, the observations used in the analysis varied from 1 to 6 per household and averaged at 5.3 per household