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Table 1 Search strategy to identify news articles on drinking water security in Indigenous communities in Canada

From: How does the media portray drinking water security in Indigenous communities in Canada? An analysis of Canadian newspaper coverage from 2000-2015

Database Search termsa
ProQuest ("drinking water" OR "tap water")
("first nation*" OR aboriginal* OR nunavut OR "northwest territor*" OR NWT OR Yukon OR nunavik OR nunatsiavut OR amerind* OR inuit* OR inupiat* OR kalaallit* OR aleut* OR metis OR native* OR indian* OR eskimo* OR tribe* OR algonquian OR algonquin OR atikamekw OR blackfoot OR cree OR malecite OR mi’kmaq OR innu OR montagnais OR naskapi OR ojibway OR oji-cree OR michif OR athapaskan OR carrier OR wetsuweten OR chilcotin OR dene OR tlicho OR gwich’in OR slavey OR sarcee OR beaver OR sekani OR kaska OR tahltan OR tuchone OR haida OR iroquoian OR mohawk OR cayuga OR oneida OR kutenai OR salish OR shuswap OR thompson OR halkomelem OR lillooet OR okanagan OR squamish OR straits OR siouan OR dakota OR stoney OR tlingit OR tsimshian OR gitksan OR nisga’a OR wakashan OR nootka OR haisla OR heiltsuk OR kwakiutl OR wakashan OR inuktitut OR inuinnaqtun OR inuvialuktun)
  1. aIn an attempt to capture the diversity of First Nation groups, language groups from Statistics Canada [103] were used as search terms