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Table 1 Categorization of some predictive factors of bednet ownership

From: Determination of the predictive factors of long-lasting insecticide-treated net ownership and utilisation in the Bamenda Health District of Cameroon

SN Parameters Categorized
1. Socioeconomic/living standard = household assets owned amongst which are: TV, radio, refrigerator, vehicle, sanitary system, water availability, cooking fuel, electricity availability etc. “Low” (have none of the indicators), “medium/middle” (have at least half of the mentioned indicators) and “high socioeconomic status” (has all of the indicators).
2. Knowledge of malaria = knowledge on malaria transmission by mosquito vector and the proper use of bednets “good” (has a good knowledge on malaria, it’s transmission and use of nets) and “poor” Knowledge (no or limited knowledge on malaria, it’s transmission and proper use of bednets
3. The environment = swampy areas, water ponds or rivers/streams, presence of bush/forest and household waste. “Less suitable” (no bushes, swampy areas, water ponds) or “very suitable” (the presence of bushes and dirty surroundings, rivers/streams for mosquito proliferation.