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Table 2 Assessment of intervention costs

From: A participatory supportive return to work program for workers without an employment contract, sick-listed due to a common mental disorder: an economic evaluation alongside a randomized controlled trial

Cost categories   Unit prices
Applied OHC by the Dutch SSA – Intervention and control group
Number of consults with OHC professionals from the Dutch SSA - RTW coordinator €58.50/h
- Insurance physician €106.20/h
- Labor expert €80.60/h
Referrals by the SSA to work disability oriented treatment or additional vocational rehabilitation support Market price
Training in the participatory supportive RTW program – Intervention group
Number of hours attending the training - RTW coordinator €58.50/h
- Insurance physician €106.20/h
- Labor expert €80.60/h
Number of hours providing the training - Junior researcher €33.30/h
- Senior researcher €67.90/h
- Professor €124.90/h