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Table 5 Description of silica-smoking and diesel-smoking interaction studies included in the systematic review

From: Absence of multiplicative interactions between occupational lung carcinogens and tobacco smoking: a systematic review involving asbestos, crystalline silica and diesel engine exhaust emissions

Author (Year) Study design Geographic area Industry type Outcome identification Silica Smoking NOS
Data collection Exposure Identification Non exposed Exposed Data collection Non Smoker Smoker
Silica-smoking interaction studies
Liu (2013) [36] Prospective cohort China Metal mines and pottery factories -Hospital record
-Death certificate
Employment record Matrix Never Ever Interview Never Ever 8
Fu (1994) [37] Nested case–control Guangxi province (China) Tin miners Death Certificate -Employment record
Expert Never YUED Questionnaire Never P.Y 7
Cassidy (2007) [38] Multicenter hospital-based case–control Europe Undetermined Hospital Questionnaire Industrial hygienist Never Ever Questionnaire Never -Former
De Matteis (2012) [6] Population-based case–control Italy Undetermined Hospital -Questionnaire
Matrix Never Ever -Questionnaire
Never -Former
Kachuri (2014) [39] Population-based case–control Canada Undetermined Register Self-reported questionnaire Industrial hygienist Never ≥30 Y Self-reported questionnaire <10 P.Y ≥40 P.Y 8
Consonni (2015) [40] Pooled case–control Europe, Canada, Hong Kong and New Zealand Bricklayers -Register
Questionnaire Matrix Never bricklayers Ever bricklayers Questionnaire Never Ever 8
Lacourt (2015) [34] Pooled case–control Montreal (Canada) Construction Hospital Questionnaire Expert Never Substantial Questionnaire Never-low Medium-heavy 7
Diesel-smoking interaction studies
Silverman (2012) [41] Nested case–control USA Non-metal mining facilities -Register
-Death certificate
Computer-assisted telephone interview Measures Never Tertiles Computer-assisted telephone interview Never ≥2 P.D 8
Pintos (2012) [42] Pooled case–control Canada Wide range of occupations and industries Incident case Questionnaire -Chemist
-Industrial hygienist
Never Substantial Questionnaire Never-low (0–15 P.Y) Medium-heavy (>15 P.Y) 7
  1. NOS the Newcastle-Ottawa quality assessment Scale, S current smokers, Y years, YUED Years of Underground Exposure to Dust, P.Y Pack.Year