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Table 3 Staff awareness of designated smoking areas and areas in written partial ban smoking policy documents

From: Tobacco smoking policies in Australian alcohol and other drug treatment services, agreement between staff awareness and the written policy document

  Client smoking areas Staff smoking areas
Location % Perfect agreement Kappa (95% CI)a P value % Perfect agreement Kappa (95% CI)a P value
Inside the serviceb 79.2%    80.8%   
Outside the service 78.4%    72.8% −0.0014
(−0.1, 0.1)
Indoor smoking areab 97.6%    99.2%   
Outdoor smoking area 84.1%    72.2% −0.06
(−0.11, −0.06)
Inside service vehicleb 100%    100%   
On home visitb     98.5%   
  1. a<0 Poor; 0–0.2 Slight; 0.21-0.4 Fair; 0.41-0.6 Moderate; 0.61-0.8 Substantial; 0.81-1 Almost Perfect
  2. bNo kappa estimate was available as all services with a written partial ban policy documented that smoking was not permitted: inside the organisation, inside service vehicles and on home visit. No services had a designated indoor smoking area. Therefore, a kappa statistic was unable to be calculated as this requires a 2×2 cross-tabulation