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Table 3 Summary of recommended changes to country of food origin labelling

From: Obtaining consumer perspectives using a citizens’ jury: does the current country of origin labelling in Australia allow for informed food choices?

Issue Suggested improvements
Wording of the label • Do not add further information but increase clarity of existing information
• Clarify difference between ‘Product of Australia’ and ‘Made in Australia’
• Indicate the percentage of the product which is Australian
• Provide a star rating according to the percentage of Australian product contained
Size • Increase the size of the label
• Increase the size of the font
• Make the font size uniform for all information.
Position of label • Standardise the position of the CoOL
• Place the CoOL under the nutrition information panel
Education • Teach people how to interpret the information on food labels
Deceptive labelling • Prohibit the use of symbols/images which suggest the product is Australian