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Table 4 Adjusted odds ratios for continued substance use treatment by the GP alone in Flandersa (n = 267)

From: General practice patients treated for substance use problems: a cross-national observational study in Belgium

  OR (95% CI)
Median age or older (versus < median) 2.44 (0.96–6.25)
Men (versus women) 0.82 (0.36–1.87)
Type of substance use
 Alcohol alone reference
 Prescription drugs 4.04 (1.65–9.94)
 Illicit drugs, excluding heroin and methadone 0.78 (0.15–4.10)
 Heroin or methadone 6.64 (1.76–25.06)
  1. OR Odds ratio, CI Confidence interval. Non-overlapping confidence intervals are in bold
  2. aIn the overall model of determinants of GP treatment alone, there is a significant interaction between region and type of substance use. Modeling determinants in populations split by region resulted in a non-significant model in Wallonia-Brussels (n = 207)