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Table 1 Content of the Ripple Effect

From: Research protocol for a digital intervention to reduce stigma among males with a personal experience of suicide in the Australian farming community

Knowledge about suicide Everyone’s experience is different Talking about suicide Recognising and maximising resources Knowing what’s needed for keeping well
• Risk/protective factors
• Warning signs
• Precipitating events
• Understanding suicide attempts/thoughts
• Suicide stigma
• Cultural and linguistic diversity
• Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
• Sexuality, sex and gender
• Disability, illness and ageing
• Starting and managing conversations with people in distress
• Crisis response
• Avoiding judgement
• Preparation and self-care
• Talking in the community about suicide
• Positive and proactive support seeking
• Knowing available resources
• Overcoming barriers to support
• Caring for and supporting others
• Maintaining physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health
• Personal goal setting (evaluated us behaviourally anchored rating scale – BARS)