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Table 3 Adjusted associations of built environment features with use of structures designed for physical activity

From: Parental perception of built environment characteristics and built environment use among Latino families: a cross-sectional study

Built environment features Number of structures useda Use of any structuresb
B 95% CI P AOR 95% CI p
Number of structures available 0.34 0.31, 0.37 <0.001 2.34 1.73–3.15 <0.001
Average condition of available structures 0.19 0.12, 0.27 0.001 1.71 1.16–2.53 0.007
Perceived safety 0.00 −0.01, 0.01 0.7 0.97 0.91–1.03 0.3
  1. Note: In two separate models (Poisson and Logistic) the same three main predictors were included: the number of structures available, the average condition of those structures, and the perceived safety of those structures, controlling for covariates. Both models controlled for the following: age, gender, ethnicity, marital status, employment status, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) enrollment, BMI, and self-efficacy
  2. aPoisson regression
  3. bLogistic regression