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Table 1 Model definitions, input data sources and external data sources

From: Assessing the external validity of model-based estimates of the incidence of heart attack in England: a modelling study

  Model definition
(relevant year in brackets)
External data definition
(data source in brackets)
Incidence OUTCOME: Incidence of first AMI (2010) Incidence of first AMI since 1998 (linked hospital episodes and mortality statistics, 2010).
Prevalence Prevalence of ever having had an AMI (2010) Prevalence of ever having had a doctor-diagnosed AMI (Health Survey for England, 2011).
Remission Zeroa Zero
Excess mortality Excess mortality due to first AMI (2010) Death where AMI is included anywhere on the death certificate (ONS mortality statistics, 2010).
  1. Abbreviations: ONS Office for National Statistics, AMI Acute Myocardial Infarction
  2. a Remission is zero because the prevalence data measures people who have ever been diagnosed with AMI