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Table 3 Participant appreciation in the Hockey FIT pilot study

From: Hockey Fans in Training (Hockey FIT) pilot study protocol: a gender-sensitized weight loss and healthy lifestyle program for overweight and obese male hockey fans

Time point Description
During program sessions • GoodLife Fitness water bottles
• GoodLife Fitness duffle bags
• Hockey team t-shirt or track jacket
Attendance raffle • Signed hockey jerseys
• Signed hockey sticks
• Cookbook
• Water bottles
• Gift cards
• Baseball caps
• Cereal
• Umbrella
9-month reunion & booster session • Hockey FIT t-shirts
• Hockey FIT pucks
• Gift bags from sponsor (Bank of Montreal)
• Healthy lunch
• Hockey game ticket (London Knights vs. Sarnia Sting)
12-month measurement session (Intervention Group) • $20 gift cards to a local sports store