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Table 2 Key domains and constructs in the baseline instruments by age group

From: The Australian longitudinal study on male health-methods

Domain Construct Adults (18–55) Young Men (15–17) Boys (10–14) Parents of Boys
Health status Lifetime diagnosis and 12 month prevalence of chronic conditionsa x x   x
Self-reported Health Status x x x x
Height & Weight x x x  
Sleep   x x  
Injury x x   x
Disability x x   x
Sexual function x    
Prostate health x    
Pubertal Development   x x  
Acne   x x  
Mental health & wellbeing Lifetime diagnosis and 12 month prevalence of selected disorders x x   x
Current Depression x x x  
Anxiety (GAD, Social Phobia)   x x  
Self-injury (suicidal) x x x  
Self-Injury (non-suicidal)   x x  
Life Satisfaction x x x  
Health behaviours Tobacco: lifetime & current use, x x x  
Alcohol: lifetime & current use dependence x x x  
Illicit drugs: lifetime & 12 month use x x x  
Supplements and over-the-counter medicines x    
Fruit & Vegetable intake x x x  
Physical Activity & Sedentary Behaviour x x x  
Sun exposure x    
Sexual Behaviour x x   
Risk taking x x   x
Intimate Partner Violence x    
Bullying   x x  
Social determinants Education x x x  
Parental Education   x x x
Employment status x x   x
Working conditions x    
Household income x    x
Financial pressures x    x
Housing type & tenure x x   x
Household structure/shared cared arrangements x x x x
Social support x x x  
Community engagement x x x x
Life events x x   x
Masculinity x x   
Gender Role x x   
Health services & knowledge Use x x   x
Access x    x
Satisfaction x    
Health Information x x x  
  1. a selected on the basis of disease burden, priority areas identified in National Male Health Policy, & emerging areas of research interest