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Table 2 Summary of reported habitual meals during the day by study groups

From: Beliefs and motives related to eating and body size: a comparison of high-BMI and normal-weight young adult women from rural and urban areas in Mexico

  Meal time
Breakfast Mid-morning meal Main meal Dinner Snacks
8–10 am 10–1 pm 1–6 pm 6–9 pm In-between meals
Rural context
High BMIa Nothing or a drink: coffee, milk or atoleb.
Sometimes a piece of bread.
Potatoes, meat stew or eggs or fried beans
Nothing if they ate late at mid-morning.
Rice or soup
Meat stew
A side dish: mostly fried beans and/or nopalesb.
Soda or fruit water.
A piece of bread or maize tortillasb with left-overs from lunch
or beans
A piece of bread
Chicharrónb or churritosb with lime and chilli sauce, Soda
Fruit or vegetables (apple or cucumber).
Normal weight Coffee, milk or atoleb.
RTEC, or eggs, or a piece of bread.
Nothing or eggs with ham or sausages, or meat stew, Tortillasb. Soup or rice
Fried beans
(Meat dishes were not often.)
Left-overs from lunch, or RTEC, or a glass of milk. Nothing
Few ate fruit or churritosb
Urban context
High BMIa Coffee or milk or atoleb.
A piece of bread or sandwich or quesadillas or RTECb or “tacos” or fruit.
Eggs with beans, or grilled meat, or nopalesb, or a soup, or meat stew.
Maize "tortillas".
Or RTEC or sandwich.
Vegetable cream soup or pasta or lentils soup or rice.
Meat stew or potatoes or broad beans stew.
Sometimes hot dogs
If eating out: Roasted chicken or carnitasb.
Sandwich, or tacos
If eating out: tacosb from a street stall.
Nothing or fruit, bread or churritosb.
Normal weight Fruit shake or coffee
A piece of bread; or RTEC with milk or fruit or tacos
Nothing or meat stew or fried beans or eggs with tortillasb.
Or sandwich or fruit.
Vegetable cream soup or pasta or lentils soup or rice
Meat stew or potatoes stew; Salads or boiled vegetables.
A glass of milk with a piece of bread or RTECb or fruit.
Occasionally meat tacosb.
Did not mention snacks.
  1. aBMI ≥ 27.8 kg/m2
  2. bRTEC ready to eat cereal, most of the times were sugared flakes. Atole: flavored maize milk shake. Tortillas: thin, round, unleavened bread prepared from cornmeal, baked on a flat plate of iron. Tacos: tortilla filled with beans, vegetables or meat. Nopales: edible cactus (Opunita sp). Chicharrón: fried wheat flour piece. Carnitas: fried pork meat. Churritos: fried maize flour sticks