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Table 1 Overview of scales

From: Context matters! The relationship between mother-reported family nutrition climate, general parenting, food parenting practices and children’s BMI

Scales N of items Cronbach’s alpha Example item
FNC 17 .854  
 cohesion 5 .784 In our family we appreciate spending time together during meals
 communication 5 .768 In our family we talk about which foods are healthful
 value 4 .811 In our family it is normal to choose healthful foods
 consensus 3 .847 In our family we rarely argue about food- or diet-related matters
GP 33 .818  
 nurturance 12 .708 When my child is sad, I know what is going on with him/her
 structure 12 .615 I help my child plan his/her activities for the day/week
 behavioral control 9 .718 I correct my child when he/she breaks the rules
 healthy FPPs 6 .854 I eat consciously healthy products in the presence of my child
 covert FPPs 4 .671 I monitor what my child eats during the day
 overt FPPs 2 .695 I have rules for my child about eating sweets and snacks
 non-nutritive FPPs 2 .535 I give my child candy or snacks to ensure he/she feels better
  1. FPPs food parenting practices, FNC family nutrition climate, GP general parenting