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Table 2 Coding tree

From: Acceptability of financial incentives for health behaviour change to public health policymakers: a qualitative study

Code Description
Potential benefits
 Initial motivation HPFI generate initial motivation for healthy behaviours
Practical considerations
 Effectiveness Considerations around initial and long-term effectiveness
 Cost-effectiveness Considerations around value-for-money
 Monitoring Considerations around ‘gaming’ and how this can be avoided
 Intervention paradigm HPFI do not address the ‘root causes’ of unhealthy behaviours
 Views of others Considerations around how other stakeholders may view HPFI
Ethical considerations
 Culture of entitlement HPFI create a culture of entitlement
 Discrimination HPFI are discriminatory and divisive
Incentive design format
 Direction A positive reward or negative penalty
 Form Cash, vouchers, or specific goods and services
 Certainty Certain, uncertain chance, or certain chance
 Magnitude Total value of the incentive
 Recipient Individual, group, significant other, clinician or parent
‘Other’ issues
 Free coding…