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Table 1 Number of studies on physical activity and sedentary behaviour in countries of the GCC according to phase of the behavioural epidemiology framework by population group

From: A systematic review of physical activity and sedentary behaviour research in the oil-producing countries of the Arabian Peninsula

Phase of Behavioural Epidemiology Framework Total Number of Studies
Physical Activity Sedentary Behaviour Total
Adult Adolescent Children Total Adult Adolescent Children Total  
1. Associations with Health Outcome 29 11 2 29 8 10 3 18 43
2. Measuring Behaviours   2 1 3   1   1 3
3. Prevalence and Variation 10 8   18 3 12 4 17 26
4. Correlates 25 9 1 35      35
5. Interventions 6    6      6
6. Policy None
  1. Phases I and III studies and Phase IV studies for demographic correlates included population-based surveys that aimed to include a representative sample and used standard measures for PA; Two Phase II studies were regarding the same instrument; Phase IV studies for other correlates include all cross-sectional and qualitative studies on various supports and barriers to physical activity; Phase V studies included only those that described the intervention and reported on behaviour change due to the intervention