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Table 3 Summary of themes of influence on obesity prevention policy processes, by included studies

From: The application of theories of the policy process to obesity prevention: a systematic review and meta-synthesis

Author, year Theory used Influences on policy processes
Coalition/ industry group lobbying Political Institutions and political systems Leadership of key individuals Narrative and framing Prevailing political ideology Personal values & beliefs Use of evidence Timing External socio-political (exogenous) factors
Craig et al. 2010 [68] Multiple Streams theory (MST)     
Dodson et al. 2009 [69] MST      
Freunen-berg et al. 2015 MST and Advocacy Coalition Framework (ACF)       
Gladwin et al. 2008 [70] MST       
Gomez 2015 [51] Institutional theory     
Houlihan et al. 2006 [52] MST and ACF  
Khayesi et al. 2011 [71] MST      
McBeth et al. 2013 [72] Narrative Policy Framework          
Milton and Grix 2015 [75] MST
Mosier et al. 2013 [64] MST    
Olstad et al. 2015 [73] Diffusion of innovations theory       
Phillpots 2013 [53] ACF  
Quinn et al. 2015 [65] MST    
Reid and Thornburn 2011 [54] MST      
Thow et al. 2014 [63] Health Policy Analysis Triangle      
Ulmer et al. 2012 [74] ACF     
Yeatman 2003 [76] Agenda setting theory and MST