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Table 4 Evolution of national and international guidance, and supporting evidence

From: Act local, think global: how the Malawi experience of scaling up antiretroviral treatment has informed global policy

Policy Year of implementation in Malawi Year recommended by WHO Supporting evidence from randomized trials or systematic reviews
Lifelong cotrimoxazole preventive therapy 2006 2006 WHO Cotrimoxazole Guidelines [28] Reference [51]
Task shifting for the delivery of ART 2003 2008 WHO Guidelines for task shifting [33] References [32, 52]
Decentralization of ART delivery 2003 2013 WHO Consolidated Guidelines [47] References [53, 54]
PMTCT Option B+ 2011 2012 WHO Programmatic Update [46] None
2013 WHO Consolidated Guidelines [47]
  1. ART antiretroviral therapy, PMTCT prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV