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Table 1 Characteristics of the workers with permanent occupational disabilitya

From: Survival rates and worker compensation expenses in a national cohort of Mexican workers with permanent occupational disability caused by diabetes

Characteristic Total cohort
No. of workers 34,014
Sex (%)
 Male 84.3
 Female 15.7
Age at permanent occupational disability, years (mean ± SD) 51.6 ± 7.6
Age at permanent occupational disability (%)
 <40 years 7.0
 40–59 years 83.9
 ≥60 years 9.1
Occupation group (%)
 Managers 3.4
 Professionals 4.0
 Technicians and associate professionals 4.4
 Clerks 11.5
 Service and sales 13.2
 Agricultural, forestry, and fishery 2.7
 Craft and related trades 13.3
 Plant, machine operators and assemblers 24.7
 Basic-level occupations 22.5
 No occupation specified 0.3
Base salary contribution group (%)b
 <10 USD/day 33.6
 10–30 USD/day 23.9
 >30 USD/day 6.4
Main complication of diabetes (%)c
 Renal 12.9
 Ophthalmic 40.6
 Neurological 11.9
 Peripheral circulatory disorders 15.6
 Multiple 17.1
 No specified complication 1.9
  1. Data are presented as mean ± SD or percentages
  2. aThe study included Mexican workers with an approved compensation claim for permanent occupational disability caused by diabetes and who received a pension payment during the period 2000–2013
  3. bCorresponds to the daily salary at which a worker was registered at the Mexican Institute of Social Security and was used to calculate the lifetime individual pension amount
  4. cDenotes the main complication that caused the permanent occupational disability status
  5. USD indicates U.S. dollars