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Table 1 Themes based on Rogers’ Innovation-decision process model [18] influencing the decision to adopt the Eat Well Campaign: Food Skills (EWC)

From: Factors influencing the adoption of a healthy eating campaign by federal cross-sector partners: a qualitative study

Parent themes and subthemes Definitions
Prior conditions All prior experiences, perceptions and attitudes that can shape the organization’s knowledge about the EWC and persuade them to adopt it
Previous practice Any organizational experiences that can help create knowledge about the EWC
Innovativeness The organization’s perception of the EWC as a new idea
Norms of the social system Perceptions of practices and behaviors that the organization is expected to conduct in relation to the EWC. These norms are set by the organizations’ social network (peers, clients, public, audience, etc.)
Perceived need or problem The recognition of the organization’s internal need or problem that can be addressed by adopting the EWC
Characteristics of the adoptera Any characteristic of the decision making unit (i.e. organization) that will shape their knowledge and attitudes towards the EWC
Communication behaviour Descriptors of the organizations’ internal and external communication style, habits, exposure to media and involvement in social and public networks
Personality variables Human personality characteristics perceived to be associated with or attributed to the organization
Characteristics of the innovationb Characteristics of the EWC perceived by the organizations that may persuade them to adopt it
Compatibility The perception by organizations that the EWC is consistent with their existing values, practices, experiences or needs
Complexity The perception by organizations that the EWC is difficult to understand or implement
Relative advantages The perception by organizations that the EWC is better than potential alternatives and can be measured in terms of benefits
  1. aSocioeconomic characteristics is the final characteristic of the decision making unit, but none emerged and therefore this subtheme was not included
  2. bTriability and observability are the other two characteristics of the innovation that are commonly investigated; however, they were not relevant to the EWC and these subthemes were not included