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Table 1 Percentage of correct answers by questions among women who reported ever hearing about HIV

From: Trends and determinants of HIV/AIDS knowledge among women in Bangladesh

Questions Percentage of correct answers
Reduce risk of getting HIV: always use condoms during sex 64.1
Reduce risk of getting HIV: have one sex partner only, who has no other partners 74.0
A healthy looking person can have HIV 71.3
HIV transmitted during pregnancy 85.4
HIV transmitted during delivery 70.3
HIV transmitted by breastfeeding 81.3
Can get HIV from mosquito bites 47.3
Can get HIV by sharing food with person who has AIDS 55.6
Can get HIV by witchcraft or supernatural means 78.8
Can get HIV by using unsterilized needle or syringe 92.6
Can get HIV through unsafe blood transfusion 91.8