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Table 2 Factor loading matrix of nutritional health attitudes and behaviors patternsa

From: Nutritional health attitudes and behaviors and their associations with the risk of overweight/obesity among child care providers in Michigan Migrant and Seasonal Head Start centers

Nutritional health attitudes and behaviors Pattern 1 “Weight loss practices with weight dissatisfaction” Pattern 2 “Healthy eating behaviors” Pattern 3 “Better knowledge of nutrition and health”
1. I am in good health.   0.51  
2. I am satisfied with my weight. −0.78   
3. Compared to other adults who are my height, I feel my weight is just right. −0.71 0.45  
4. I have tried to lose or gain weight in the past 12 months. 0.78   
5. I am trying to lose weight now. 0.86   
6. I am on a special kind of diet, either to lose weight or for health-related concerns. 0.60   
7. My eating habits are healthy.   0.81  
8. I usually limit the amount of high-fat foods I consume.   0.78  
9. I usually limit the amount of high-sugar items I consume.   0.72  
10. I usually eat fruits and vegetables daily.   0.57  
11. I am satisfied with the amount of physical activity I get.   0.50  
12. What I eat affects my chances of developing disease.    0.72
13. People who are overweight have a higher risk of health problems.    0.76
14. Skipping meals affects my ability to do well in the day.    0.69
15. I can influence the eating behaviors of migrant head start children.    0.61
Variance explained by each factor 21.6 21.4 13.8
  1. aThe patterns were identified by factor analysis with 15 questions related nutritional health attitudes and behaviors. Factor loadings < | 0.40 | are not shown for simplicity