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Table 3 MRI key measures in Heart, Brain, Abdomen during Standard MRI Protocol

From: Rationale, design, and methods for Canadian alliance for healthy hearts and minds cohort study (CAHHM) – a Pan Canadian cohort study

Sequence Approximate Imaging Time (min) Outcome Measure
 2D Cine SSFP (short axis only) 10 LV global (EF) and regional wall motion abnormalities function
LV mass index
LV end-systolic volume index
LV mass-to-volume ratio
LA size and function
RV volume and global function
 3D T1w MPRAGE 8 Brain Volume
 2D Flair 3 Covert stroke and white matter lesion burden
 T1w TSE abdominal adipose tissue sequence 2 Visceral fat area
 Liver 2D multi-echo gradient-echo sequence 1 Liver fat %
 3D T1w MPRAGE 6 Plaque volume and intraplaque hemorrhage detection
 TOF 6 Plaque volume and intraplaque hemorrhage detection
Additional time for positioning
 Coil Positioning 6  
 Total time 42a  
  1. aNote this varies depending on: Scanner make and model, hardware and software used for scanning, need for switching MR coils, participants heart rate, and MRI technologist experience