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Table 2 List of Measures/Questionnaires of Baseline Visit

From: Rationale, design, and methods for Canadian alliance for healthy hearts and minds cohort study (CAHHM) – a Pan Canadian cohort study

Questionnaire/Measure Source Time to complete (minutes) Method
Physical Activity IPAQ-S [71] 4 Self Administered
Dietary Intake (Macro and Micro Nutrients) SHARE-FFQ [72] and DHQ II 22 Self Administered
Cognitive Function: Digital Symbol Substitution DSS [73] 5 Administered by RA
Montréal Cognitive Assessment MoCA [9] 8 Administered by RA
Community Factors (Individual Perception) EPOCH-2 [58] 21 Self Administered
Immigrant Questionnaire Longitudinal Survey of Immigrants in Canada [60] 3 Self Administered
Acculturation Vancouver Inventory of Acculturation [61] 3 Self Administered
CVD related Health Services Questionnaire Multi-source: Canadian Community Health Survey, Ontario Health Study 7 Self Administered
General CVD Questionnaire Prior Longitudinal Studies (SHARE, PURE) 7 Self Administered
CPTP Core Baseline Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire CPTP Study [74] 14 Self Administered
Physical Measures (blood pressure and heart rate via OMRON cuff, Body Fat & Weight via Tanita BIA)   10 Clinic
  1. RA: Research Assistant