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Table 3 Overview of all the outcome measurements and their corresponding sources

From: The Healthy Primary School of the Future: study protocol of a quasi-experimental study

Outcome measurement Informants      
Children    Parents of children in groups 1–8 (age 4–12) Onderwijs monitor Limburg GGD
Group 2 (age 5–6) Group 3–4 (age 6–8) Group 5–8 (age 8–12)    
General health child       
 Weight, objectively measured X X X    
 Height, objectively measured X X X    
 Waist and hip circumference, objectively measured X X X    
 Handgrip strength, objectively measured X X X    
 Blood pressure       X
 Disease status, hospital admissions, medicine use, healthcare visits     X   X
 Sick leave      X  
 Birthweight       X
Socio-emotional health of child       
 HR-QoL (EQ-5D-Y, PedsQL)    X X   
 Psychological attributes (SDQ)    X X   
 Self-efficacy (SEQ-C and Manikin scale, full SEQ-C only in groups 7–8)    X    
 Self-confidence, social skills, school wellbeing, future expectations and social support      X  
Physical activity behaviour of child       
 Physical activity (Actigraph)   X X    
 Sedentary behaviour (ActivPal)    group 5    
 Shuttle run test   X X    
 Sports club membership   X X X   
 Active transport forms to school X X X    
 Leisure time physical activity X X X    
 Leisure time physical activity     X   
Dietary behaviour of child       
 Food intake (food frequency questionnaire and dietary recall) X X X X   
 Familiarity with healthy food products X X X X   
 Food preferences X X X X   
Household information       
 Parental weight and height     X   
 Parenting styles       X
Parenting practices regarding nutrition and physical activity (CSPQ)     X   
 Parental well-being (SWLS)     X   
 Parental HR-QoL (EQ-5D)     X   
 Parental labour participation     X   
 SES (including deprivation, income, and education)     X   
 Parental leave and absence due to illness of child     X   
Teacher-related variables       
 Teacher’s practices regarding nutrition and physical activity      X  
 Teacher’s height and weight      X  
School achievement of child       
 Test results (CITO and other tests)      X  
 School advice and secondary school track actually attended      X  
 Learning disabilities      X  
 School absenteeism and repeating years      X  
 Qualitative and quantitative evaluation X X X X   
 New school entries      X  
  1. Abbreviations: CITO centrale eindtoets basisonderwijs, CSPQ comprehensive snack parenting questionnaire, EQ-5D-Y EuroQol 5-Dimensions Youth version, EQ-5D EuroQol 5-Dimensions, GGD regional public health services, PedsQL paediatric quality of life inventory, SDQ strength and difficulties questionnaire, SEQ-C self- efficacy questionnaire for children, SWLS satisfaction with life survey