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Table 2 Summary of measures

From: Promoting physical activity and health literacy: study protocol for a longitudinal, mixed methods evaluation of a cross-provider workplace-related intervention in Germany (The AtRisk study)

  Instrument Time of measurementa
Primary outcome measure
Physical Activity GPAQ Questionnaire ([3, 24]) T0, T1, T2
Secondary outcome measure
Health literacy Health literacy scale ([15]) T0, T1, T2
HLQ Subscale „Actively managing my health“([27])
Person-related variables
Age, sex, height, weight, Unstandardized questionnaire T0
Education level, family status Unstandardized questionnaire T0
Health-related lifestyle Unstandardized questionnaire T0, T1, T2
Health Related Quality of Life EQ-5D-5 L ([28]) T0, T1, T2
Work-related variables
Workability Work ability questionnaire ([30, 31]) T0, T1, T2
Employability subjective prognosis of gainful employment (SPE-scale) (Mittag 2003 #57}; [33, 34]) T0, T1, T2
  1. a T0 = initial phase (baseline); T1 = End of training-phase; T2 = six month follow-up