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Table 1 Characteristics of the interventions

From: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials of mHealth interventions against non-communicable diseases in developing countries

Study name Used channel Received information Control group Timing Interactivity Personalization
Balsa and Gandelman [25] Internet platform & text messages New topics about type 2 Diabetes and healthy lifestyle Brief educational brochure Not reported No No
Shetty et al. [26] Text messages Medical nutrition therapy, physical activity and drug intake reminders Oral advises on diet modification and physical activity Once in three days No No
Liew et al. [30] Text messages Appointment reminder No reminder Once; 24–48 h before the scheduled appointment No Yes
Liu et al. [28] Interactive software on cellphone Adjustments of therapy Booklet for written asthma diary and action plan Immediately after the data has been uploaded Yes Yes
Ostojic et al. [29] Text messages Adjustments of therapy No weekly therapeutic advise Weekly Yes Yes
Piette et al. [23] Mobile blood pressure monitor & phone calls Advises and medication reminder No weekly therapeutic advise Weekly Yes Yes
Shahid et al. [27] Glucometer & Phone calls Adjustments of therapy Self monitoring with Glucometer and regular follow up after 4 months Every 15 days Yes Yes
Tian et al. [24] Smartphone application Advises on medication prescription and lifestyle changes Usual cardiovascular management programs Monthly No Yes