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Table 5 Options for developing Operation Smoke Storm

From: A qualitative evaluation of a novel intervention using insight into tobacco industry tactics to prevent the uptake of smoking in school-aged children

a) I don’t think that [secret agent undercover] would fly again. It would maybe have to be something a little bit different. (School 1, Teacher 10)
b) I think it will encourage other people who are watching it to not smoke because they’ll know that other people around their age are saying it and they’ll be persuaded more to not do it. (School 1, M)
c) They’re not allowed to bring mobile phones into school so they wouldn’t do it on their own phones. PSHE… doesn’t have tablets and… getting in the computer room is a bit of a nightmare. (School 1, Teacher 7)
d) Also some people’s parents work a lot, because my mum’s a nurse so she works nights, and it would be quite hard for me to get her to fill it out if she was working. (School 2, F)
e) The students don’t always … speak to their parents about what they’ve done in the school, so that’s a physical reminder of what they’ve done and there’s more opportunity for parents to engage. (School 1, Teacher 5)