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Table 3 Assessment of cardiovascular risk markers and health behaviors in the RIGHT Track health study by time point of the study

From: Rationale, design and methods for the RIGHT Track Health Study: pathways from childhood self-regulation to cardiovascular risk in adolescence

Construct/Assessment T1 T2 YA
Cardivascular Risk Markers    
 BMI and overweight / obesity status x x x
 Anthropomorphic indicators (e.g., waist circumference, hip circumference, sagittal abdominal diameter ) x x x
 Blood pressure and pre-/hypertension status x x x
 Serum markers of metabolic syndrome (e.g., x x x
 Serum pro-inflammatory markers (e.g., C-reactive protein) x x x
 Serum anti-inflammatory markers x x x
 Body composition (e.g., body fat, fat mass, percent body fat)    x
 Peak oxygen consumption    x
 Heart rate variability during exercise and orthostatic challence    x
Self-Reported Health Behaviors (e.g., physical activity, eating behaviors, sleep, substance use) x x x
Objectively Assessed Health Behaviors    
 24-h Dietary Recalls (e.g.., Healthy Eating Index, total fruit and sodium intake, empty calories) x   x
 7-day Accelerometry (e.g., low intensity, moderate, vigorous physical activity; sedentary time; sleep patterns)    x