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Table 9 Summary of pros and cons from reviewer opinions for the Misfit Shine

From: A comparison of wearable fitness devices

Reviewer Name Article Name Review Date Reference Site Advantages (Pros) Disadvantages (Cons)
Weebly Misfit Shine activity tracker review 8-Nov-14 [31] 1. Waterproof 1. Sleep data are basic
2. Wireless data transfer (when placed near device) 2. Shine attachment can come unsecured (can pop out of sports band)
3. Can track swimming and cycling 3. Time-telling feature suggests it could replace a watch, yet it lacks all other watch features including alerts
4. Elegant aluminum design 4. Limited info on “screen,” does not have a full digit-based display
5. On-device feedback to let you know how close you are to reaching a goal 5. Tapping-based interface can be frustrating to use
6. No recharging. Just replace the watch battery when it runs out (~4–6 months)
7. Partnership with Pebble watch allows you to use the Pebble as a Misfit Shine
8. Social features including a leaderboard, profile, and newsfeed
Bethany Gordon Misfit Shine review Only year mentioned (2015) [32] 1. The interchangeable design 1. Tapping the screen is the only way to see your progress
2. Comfortable band makes it extremely easy to use 2. Does not always respond to tapping
3. Convenient to wear 3. It has to sit on your arm a certain way to display time and daily progress
4. Water resistant
Kristen Buck Misfit Shine review Only year mentioned (2015) [33] 1. About the size of a quarter and undeniably attractive 1. Only works with iOS
2. Water resistant 2. Does not have an altimeter to count how many flights of stairs you climb
3. Great activity monitor for swimmers and surfers 3. Not compatible with Android devices
4. Can wear it in different ways to track different activities more accurately
Jill Duffy Misfit Shine review 10-Dec-13 [34] 1. Best looking activity tracker 1. Limited data analysis
2. Includes clip and wristband mounts 2. No integration with other services
3. Functions as a watch 3. No Web app
4. Fully waterproof for swimmers 4. No syncing between iOS and Android apps
- 5. Dashboard lacks weight tracking and calorie counting
Mikey Campbell Misfit Shine activity monitor review 12-Nov-13 [35] 1. Great design 1. Clunky tagging method
2. Easy to understand graphical readout 2. Light on features
3. Long battery life 3. LEDs unusable in bright sunlight