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Table 6 Summary of pros and cons from reviewer opinions for the Jawbone Up24

From: A comparison of wearable fitness devices

Reviewer Name Article Name Review Date Reference Site Advantages (Pros) Disadvantages (Cons)
Weebly Jawbone Up24 review 8-Nov-14 [17] 1. Wireless syncing 1. Social sharing: can only add friends you already know
2. Can use in shower 2. No website interface, only phone app
3. Deep sleep and light sleep data 3. Hair can become stuck in cap button
4. “Smart Wake” alarms for naps 4. Overcounts arm movement as steps
5. Usable design 5. No screen
6. Holds battery charge for up to seven days
Jackson chung Fitbit Flex vs. Jawbone Up : A comparative review 23-May-2013 [18] 1. Trendy and good design 1. Not accurate tracking
2. Mobile app is outstanding 2. Only for iOS devices
3. Battery lasts for 10 days 3. Felt awkward, especially when typing. 
4. Short time charging (only couple of hours)
5. Inexpensive
Matt Swider Jawbone Up24 review 24-Mar-14 [19] 1. Wireless syncing added 1. No display for on-demand stats
2. Stylish and lightweight 2. Does not have a web app
3. Very soft rubber for comfort 3. Works with only 10 Android phones
4. iOS and Android compatible 4. 2.5 mm stereo jack for charging
Michael Sawh Jawbone Up24 review 26-Mar-14 [20] 1. Bluetooth Smart support for real-time syncing 1. No built-in screen
2. Slim, stylish design 2. Shorter battery than Jawbone UP
3. Great silent alarm feature 3. App is sluggish at times
4. Not waterproof
Matthew Miller Jawbone UP24 review 6-Dec-14 [21] 1. Well-designed band that fits comfortably, long battery life 1. No altimeter to measure stairs climbed
2. Flawless syncing via Bluetooth 2. Limited just to iOS for now
3. Integrated Microsoft Office software 3. Hangs up on jackets and long-sleeve shirts
4. Charges quickly
5. Great sounding front-facing stereo speakers
6. Expandable storage capability