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Table 2 Search terms used to identify articles for review

From: Fish, food security and health in Pacific Island countries and territories: a systematic literature review

“Pacific Island*” OR Kiribati OR Tuvalu OR Micronesia OR “Papua New Guinea” OR Nauru OR Palau OR “Solomon Island*” OR “Marshall Island*” OR Samoa OR “American Samoa” OR “Cook Island*” OR Fiji OR “New Caledonia” OR Tokelau OR “French Polynesia” OR Niue OR Tonga OR Guam OR Vanuatu OR “Pitcairn Island” OR “Wallis and Futuna” OR “Northern Mariana Island*”
AND Fish*
OR “Food securit*” OR “food insecurit*” OR “food suppl*”
OR Nutrition OR “nutrition* status” OR “nutrition* outcomes” OR malnutrition OR “under nutrition” OR diet OR wasting OR stunting OR underweight
  1. *denotes that any word preceded by this term could be included as a search term