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Table 1 Focus group open-ended question guide

From: Perceived benefits and negative consequences of alcohol consumption in women living with HIV: a qualitative study

What are some places where women drink alcohol? Lets talk about each – what are some reasons that women drink in each of these places?
What are some fun or enjoyable situations in which women drink alcohol?
What are some bad things that could happen if women drink alcohol?
When is drinking a problem and when is it not a problem? How can people tell if alcohol is causing any harm?
We would like to get your thought on why you think some women drink too much. Could you share some reasons?
What are some reasons that women might choose to cut down on their drinking?
What are some options that women have to help them cut back or stop drinking?
How is alcohol related to sexual behaviors?
How is alcohol different from other drugs that people might use to get high (especially in terms of its effect on a person). How is it better, how is it worse?
Are there any ways that alcohol is helpful for persons with HIV infection?
Are there any ways that alcohol is harmful for persons with HIV infection?
aWhat role do you think pain has on an individual’s desire or need to drink?
aWhen did you start heavy drinking? Was there an event/factor or other reasons that influenced your drinking?
aSome women say their friends and family influence their drinking – what about for you or your friends/family that drink?
aSome women report that they take their medications less when they are drinking – why might this happen?
aThe study we are planning will use a medication to see if it helps women to cut back on their drinking and to be healthier. What do you think will make the study attractive for women to participate?
  1. aQuestions that were added to the final two focus groups