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Table 1 Intervention components and associated process evaluation measures for menu-only and menu-plus conditions

From: A restaurant-based intervention to promote sales of healthy children’s menu items: the Kids’ Choice Restaurant Program cluster randomized trial

  Planned dose Process evaluation
 New healthy children’s menu Five standard healthy children’s meals that meet the following criteria in combination with side dish and beverage offerings: no more than 600 cal; no more than 50 % calories from fat; no fried foods; child-appropriate portion sizes; fruit or vegetable side dishes; healthy beverages (1 % or nonfat/skim milk and/or 100 % fruit juice [e.g., orange or apple]) # of main dishes implemented
# of side dishes implemented
# of healthy beverages implemented
Mean calories per meal combination available
$ spent on kitchen supplies to prepare new items
Retention of existing children’s menu items
Mean amount of time spent on kitchen manager meeting
Kitchen manager meeting to prepare new recipes
Menu plus
 New healthy children’s menu Same as menu-only with more flexibility in terms of choices offered Same as menu-only
 Marketing campaign One banner % (n) of banners installed and retained at each weekly visit; placement of banners
% (n) of table tents installed and retained at each weekly visit
# of customers observed looking at KCRP materials
Impact of design elements on sales
Table tents (quantity based on number of tables)
 Trainings All servers, bus-persons and hosts/hostesses invited to receive 15-min introductory training Median (range) and % of servers, bus-persons and hosts/hostesses who received 15-min introductory training
% of those attending introductory training who also received advanced training
% of observations in which server was observed prompting use of KCRP materials
# of pocket guides distributed at trainings
% of kitchen employees who received kitchen staff training
% of training content that was completely covered for all trainings
At least 50 % of servers, bus-persons and hosts/hostesses who attended introductory training invited to attend 15-min advanced training
All kitchen staff invited to receive 15-min kitchen staff training