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Table 5 Different levels and corresponding tools of interventions

From: Task shifting of frontline community health workers for cardiovascular risk reduction: design and rationale of a cluster randomised controlled trial (DISHA study) in India

Level of Intervention Method Frequency Tools
Individual Level Household visits and one to one counselling of household members Once every two months (9 visits) Booklet,18- month calendar, hypertension-specific leaflets, healthy lifestyle-specific leaflets, salt spoon to quantify use of salt, oil dispenser to quantify use of oil.
Group Group meetings with specific target groups such as men, women, youth, persons with hypertension Once a month (18 meetings) Recipe demonstrations, video screenings , street theatre, peer led discussions, competitions
Mass Display of posters or banners with key messages in public places or at gatherings. Distribution of leaflets. 1 poster changed every 3 months Posters, banners, leaflets