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Table 2 The route to the Girls Zone

From: Enabling relationship formation, development, and closure in a one-year female mentoring program at a non-governmental organization: a mixed-method study

Measure and variable

n (%)

From whom did you hear about the organization?a (n = 52)


 From professionals

21 (41)

 From the Internet

13 (25)

 From friends

11 (21)

 From parents

7 (14)

 From advertisements

7 (14)

How did you get in contact with the organization?a (n = 52)


 By myself

39 (75)

 With the help of professionals or teachers in school

14 (28)

 With the help of parents or friends

6 (12)

  1. aThe participants’ responses could be coded under more than one subtheme