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Table 2 Study inclusion criteria. Caption: abstracts and full texts were screened independently by two authors using the following criteria

From: Factors influencing completion of multi-dose vaccine schedules in adolescents: a systematic review

Study definitions and characteristics Inclusion criteria: studies investigating factors governing adherence
Study population Any child/adolescent 9–19 years old, recruited from the community or a cohort of vaccinees, care-givers or care-providers
Geographical setting No restriction
Vaccine Any vaccine administered to the study population in a schedule including more than one dose within the same year
Vaccine delivery Routine vaccine delivery; studies excluded if an outbreak/campaign setting/non-routine delivery
Outcome Completion or non-completion of (or ‘adherence to’) the intended multi-dose vaccine schedule within 1 year of follow-up
Comparison Individuals or groups who initiated vaccination (i.e. received dose 1), and completed the vaccine series (i.e. received the final dose) within 1 year, compared to those who initiated the vaccine series but did not receive the final dose within 1 year.
Exposure Any characteristics of individuals, communities, or programmatic or contextual factors investigated for an association with adherence/completion
Study design Any study design with data on and analysis of factors predicting completion of a multi-dose vaccine in routine settings
Data Some estimate of the completion rate achieved must be available