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Table 4 Intervention arm employees perceptions of Go!

From: Go!: results from a quasi-experimental obesity prevention trial with hospital employees

Question % hospital employees indicating “yes”
Would you like to see…  
 the Go! program continue 86.8
 continued display of nutrition labels 93.8
 continued offering of ½ portions at ½ price 95.6
 provision of pedometers 76.5
 increased number of “green” foods 89.3
 decreased number of “red’ foods 60.4
 continuation of wellness messages 83.6
 continuation/development of Go! website 73.3
Positive attitudes towards…  
 nutrition labels 82.6
 messages 83.8
Impact of Go! on behavior  
 Not aware of the Go! program 0.7
 No impact 26.6
 Have made some changes 68.2
 Have made substantial changes 5.2