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Table 2 Reasons provided by unvaccinated and under vaccinated participants to explain their vaccination status

From: Girls’ explanations for being unvaccinated or under vaccinated against human papillomavirus: a content analysis of survey responses

Major theme (subthemes) Examples n (%) Unvaccinated n (%) Under vaccinated
   n = 202 n = 57
Lack of parental consent (without explanation) My parents don’t want me to get it 30 (14.9) 1 (1.8)
Lack of parental consent (with explanation) Provided below under major themes 52 (25.7) 3 (5.3)
Safety concerns (concern about side effects or long term effects, the novelty of the vaccine, wanting more research, seeing press reports about the death of a girl from HPV vaccine, prefer to delay vaccination) I was scared about the long-term effects as the vaccine hasn't been around for long
My Mum felt it was as if we were being tested on
51 (25.3) 2 (3.5)
The vaccine isn’t needed (not sexually active, not planning on being sexually active, no history of cervical cancer in the family, don’t need it) Because I am not sexually active and will not be until I get married
My Mum didn’t think it was necessary for me to have the vaccine since I won’t be sleeping around
38 (18.8) 1 (1.8)
Administrative reasons (being absent from school, moving schools, being out of the country, recent migration, not having a consent form, didn’t want the vaccine in school, not offered vaccination doses). I wasn’t in school the day the 3rd injections happened
My parents …preferred me to have it at the doctors, not school.
26 (12.8) 29 (50.9)
Need for more information (was not aware of the vaccine, didn’t understand it, not enough information) I didn’t know about it
My Mum wasn’t sure what it was
8 (4.0) 6 (10.5)
Procedural issues (afraid of or dislike needles, pain) I’m scared of needles 22 (10.9) 3 (5.3)
General vaccination beliefs (don’t believe in vaccinations, don’t’ believe in manmade treatments) …I wouldn’t want a man-made treatment
Mum didn’t think it was natural to have it
5 (2.5) 0 (0)
Health reasons (existing health condition, got ill after previous dose, allergic to ingredients, unwell when vaccine offered). I have not had it because I suffer from other conditions and therefore was more likely for me to have a negative reaction.
My Mum… thinks I might be allergic to HPV vaccine
9 (4.5) 5 (8.8)
Other reasons (don’t know/can’t remember, didn’t want it with no explanation, other) Because I didn’t want to 22 (10.9) 11 (19.3)
  1. Note: Column percent may not be equal 100 % as multiple reasons were given by participants.