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Table 1 Baseline questionnaire data collected in MAUCO 2014-2016

From: Study protocol for the Maule Cohort (MAUCO) of chronic diseases, Chile 2014–2024

Factors Instruments
Quality of life and lifestyle General healtha; Tobacco, alcohol, medications, oral healthb
Cardiovascular diseases Medical historyb,c
Digestive diseases and cancer Personal and family medical history and symptomsd
Respiratory diseases Medical historyb
Mental health Depressione, medical history, cognitive statusf, Trail making
  testg, stressh, instrumental activities of daily livingi.
Nutritional status Mediterranean dietj, cooking method of mealsk
Physical condition Physical activityd, sedentary behaviorl
Hearing and seeing status Medical historyb
Socio-cultural risks Socioeconomicb, social networksm, employment statusn
Environmental & work exposures Chemicals, pesticideso
Women’s reproductive health Hormonalb, reproductive, cervical and breast cancer screeningd.
  1. aSF-12 Instrumental Activities of daily living questionnaire
  2. bEncuestas Nacionales de Salud de Chile (ENS) (Chilean National Health Survey) 2009.
  3. cMinnesota Living with Heart failure Questionnaire
  4. dENS 2003.
  5. ePatient Health Questionnaire PHQ-9
  6. fAddenbrooke’s cognitive examination- Revised, Spanish version: Muñoz-Neira et al. 2012 Rev Med Chilehilee 2012;140:1006-1013
  7. gReitan, C. (1992). The Trail Making Test: Manual for administration and scoring. Tucson: The Reitan Neuropsychological Laboratory
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  11. kPLCO Prostate, Lung, Colorectal and Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial
  12. lGPAQ- WHO Global Physical Activity Questionnaire
  13. mSapaj et al. J Epidemiol Community Health. 2008;62(9):790–2
  14. nEncuesta Nacional de Empleo, Trabajo, Calidad de Vida y Salud de los Trabajadores y Trabajadoras de Chile 2009-2010 (ENETS) (National Survey of Employment, Labour, Quality of Life and Health of the Workers of Chile 2009-2010)
  15. oProspective Investigation of Pesticide Applicators’ Health Study (PIPAH)