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Table 2 Distribution and comparison of daily and recommended intake of milk and dairy products by gender

From: Social support and dairy products intake among adolescents: a study from Iran

  All (n = 402) Girls (n = 207) Boys (n = 195) P-value*
Milk and dairy products intakea     
 Mean (SD) 1.64 (0.78) 1.64 (0.86) 1.63 (0.70) 0.833
 Frequency (%) for recommended intake of daily milk and dairy products (≥3 serving/d) 57 (14.2) 39 (18.8) 18 (9.2) 0.006
Sweet food intakeb     
 Mean (SD) 3.13 (1.22) 3.01 (1.27) 3.23 (1.11) 0.064
  1. *Derived from t-test
  2. aOne serving of the milk and dairy products is equal to a 200cccup of all types of milks (whole, low fat, skim, cocoa and chocolate), yogurt (plain and whole), yogurt (concentrated and creamy), 2 cup of yogurt drink, cheese (plain and creamy), and one tablespoon dried or thick yogurt, and half of cup of ice cream (plain and high fat traditional)
  3. bAll sweet foods were measured by the domestic scales that adapted for standard portion sizes [8]. One serving of each sweet beverages, soft drinks, beer (non-alcoholic), syrup is equal to a cup; simple sugar a teaspoon; honey and jams a tablespoon; plain cake, chocolates, pastries (non-crème and creamy) a slice; cubed sugar, yazdi cake, all biscuits other than those made from whole grain, gaz, sohan a number; crème caramel, domestic halvah a tablespoon and non-domestic halvah a pocket (adapted from [30])