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Table 6 Overview of the program plan

From: Design of study without drugs—a Surinamese school-based drug-prevention program for adolescents

Order Activity Aim Means, materials
1 Conduct pretest on drugs Measure student knowledge and attitudes about drugs Questionnaire
Duration: 30 min
2 Interpersonal information activities Ask for student’s attention during drug-prevention program and offer information about the program. Folder, PowerPoint presentation of sample images of drugs
Duration: 2 h (activities performed outside class)
3 Subject: biology - Categorize discussed drinks Lesson plan, drug handbook, photos
Consequences of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and cocaine use - State consequences and hold discussion
Duration: 40 min
4 Subject: physical education - Educational conversation about ethics, including discussion of four consequences of drug use in sports Lesson plan, photos (for example, steroid use)
Sports and drugs (steroids)
Duration: 40 min
- Measures to protect against drug use
5 Subject: Dutch - Put events in the correct order and discuss them Lesson plan, photos, DVD of film (Maria Full of Grace), blackboard, chalk
Discussion about the consequences of drug trafficking and swallowing cocaine pellets
- Indicate consequences of swallowing pellets
Duration: 80 min
6 Subject: social studies - Put events in the correct order Lesson plan, photos, DVD of play (Rambo), blackboard, chalk
Broadcast of play with anti-drug message - Arrive at clear understanding of drug use among young people
Duration: 60 min - Indicate causes and consequences that lead to drug use among students
- Consider protective measures
7 Subject: Dutch - Write and present a slogan Lesson plan, drug handbook, photos, blackboard, chalk
Write an anti-drug slogan
Duration: 40 min
8 Subject: art - Design a poster Lesson plan, folders, poster, drawing materials, drug handbook, chalk
Posters with anti-drug message
Duration: 40 min
9 Subject: Dutch - Initiate conversation through a game on drugs Lesson plan, game materials
Game about drugs
Duration: 40 min - Create a loving relationship in a game
10 Post-test Measure student knowledge, skills, and attitudes at end of program Test
Duration: 30 min (activities performed outside class)