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Table 1 Development of search strategy

From: Community based reproductive health interventions for young married couples in resource-constrained settings: a systematic review

PubMed Search Strategy

Limits Activated: English, Adolescent: 15–18 years, Young Adult: 19–24 years

#1: (((Community Health Aides [MeSH]) OR (“Aide, Community Health”) OR (“Aides, Community Health Aide”) OR (“Health Aide, Community”) OR (“Health Aides, Community”) OR (“Village Health Worker”) OR (“Health Worker, Village”) OR (“Health Workers, Village”) OR (“Village Health Workers”) OR (“Worker, Village Health”) OR (“Workers, Village Health”) OR (“Family Planning Personnel”) OR (“Personnel, Family Planning”) OR (“Planning Personnel, Family”) OR (“Family Planning Personnel Characteristics”) OR (“Barefoot Doctors”) OR (“Barefoot Doctor”) OR (“Doctor, Barefoot”) OR (“Doctors, Barefoot”) OR (“Community Workers”) OR (“Community Worker”) OR (“Worker, Community”) OR (“Workers, Community”))

#2: (((Community Health Services [MeSH]) OR (“Services, Community Health”) OR (“Health Services, Community”) OR (“Community Health Service”) OR (“Health Service, Community”) OR (“Service, Community Health”) OR (“Community Health Care”) OR (“Care, Community Health”) OR (“Health Care, Community”) OR (“Community Healthcare”) OR (“Community HealthCare’s”) OR (“Healthcare, Community”) OR (“HealthCare’s, Community”)))))))))

#3: #1 OR #2

#4 (((“prenatal care” [MeSH]) OR (“prenatal care”) OR (“antenatal care”)))

#5 (((“Delivery, Obstetric” [MeSH]) OR (“Deliveries, Obstetric”) OR (“Obstetric Deliveries”) OR (“Obstetric Delivery”)))

#6 (((“Postnatal Care” [MeSH]) OR (“Care, Postnatal”) OR (“Postpartum Programs”) OR (“Postpartum Program”) OR (“Program, Postpartum”) OR (“Programs, Postpartum”) OR (“Postpartum Care”) OR (“Care, Postpartum”) OR (“Cares, Postpartum”) OR (“Postpartum Cares”)))

#7: (Contraception [MeSH]) OR (“Contraceptive Methods”) OR (“Contraceptive Method”) OR (“Fertility Control”) OR (“Female Contraception”) OR (“Contraception, Female”) OR (“Contraception, Female”) OR (“Female Contraception”) OR (“Male Contraception”) OR (“Contraception, Male”) OR (“Contraception, Male”) OR (“Male Contraception”) OR (Family Planning Services [MeSH]) OR (“Family Planning Service”) OR (“Planning Service, Family”) OR (“Planning Services, Family”) OR (“Service, Family Planning”) OR (“Services, Family Planning”) OR (“Family Planning”) OR (“Pregnancy, Planned”) OR (“Planned Pregnancies”) OR (“Pregnancies, Planned”) OR (“Planned Pregnancy”) OR (“Family Planning Programs”) OR (“Family Planning Program”) OR (“Program, Family Planning”) OR (“Programs, Family Planning”))))

#8: (((((Reproductive Behavior [MeSH]) OR (“Behavior, Reproductive”) OR (“Voluntary Childlessness”) OR (“Childlessness, Voluntary”) OR (“Delayed Childbearing”) OR (“Childbearing, Delayed”) OR (Birth Intervals [MeSH]) OR (“Birth Interval”) OR (“Birth Spacing”) OR (“Birth Spacing’s”) OR (“Pregnancy Intervals”) OR (“Pregnancy Interval”) OR (“First Birth Intervals”) OR (“First Birth Interval”) OR (Abortion, Induced [MeSH]) OR (“Induced Abortion”) OR (“Abortions, Induced”) OR (“Induced Abortions”) OR (“Abortion (Induced)”) OR (“Abortions (Induced)”)

#9: (Intrauterine Devices [MeSH]) OR (“Device, Intrauterine”) OR (“Devices, Intrauterine”) OR (“Intrauterine Device”) OR (“Contraceptive IUD”) OR (“IUD, Contraceptive”) OR (“IUDs, Contraceptive”) OR (“Contraceptive IUDs”) OR (“Contraceptive Devices, Intrauterine”) OR (“Contraceptive Device, Intrauterine”) OR (“Device, Intrauterine Contraceptive”) OR (“Devices, Intrauterine Contraceptive”) OR (“Intrauterine Contraceptive Device”) OR (“Postpartum Abstinence”) OR (“Abstinence, Postpartum”) OR (Contraceptives, Oral [MeSH]) OR (“Oral Contraceptives”) OR (“Oral Contraceptives, Phasic”) OR (Sex Education [MeSH]) OR (“Education, Sex”) OR (“Family Planning Instructors”) OR (Reproductive Health Services [MeSH]) OR (“Health Service, Reproductive”) OR (“Health Services, Reproductive”) OR (“Reproductive Health Service”) OR (“Service, Reproductive Health”) OR (“Services, Reproductive Health”)))

#10: #4 OR #5 OR #6 OR #7 OR # 8 OR # 9

#11: #3 AND #10