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Table 1 Interview guide used during focus group discussion of materials used to promote physical activity among the adult and older adult population

From: The need to modify physical activity messages to better speak to older African American women: a pilot study

Guide questions Description
1 What are the brochures talking about?
2 How did you feel after read these messages?
3 Are the messages clear to you? Why or why not?
4 Did anyone feel the messages are somehow confusing? Difficult to understand? Why?
5 Which of those do you relate to more? Why?
6 Now think about older African American women in general. Would they be able to understand the message? Do you think your peers would have difficult in reading it/understanding it?
7 What are some of the things we need to change, if any, in order to make the message clear to the African American community?
8 What do you think about this document? Have you ever seen it before? Does the information included motivate you? Does it catch your attention? What makes you interested in reading it or not interested in reading it [discussion of one document at a time].