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Table 2 Categorization code used to determine displayed food categories by means of the Austrian Food Guide Pyramid

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Target food category Consumption recommendation according to the Austrian Food Guide Pyramid
Category 1: Fatty, sweet and salty snacks Sweets, pastries, fast food products, snacks, munchies and soft drinks are nutritionally less recommended and should be consumed rarely – a maximum of one serving per day. Avoid heavily salted foods e.g. pickled foods, snacks, salted nuts, convenience products
Category 2: Fats and vegetable oils 1–2 tablespoons of vegetable oils, nuts and seeds daily. High quality vegetable oils such as olive oil, canola oil, walnut, soybean, linseed, and nuts, and also seeds contain essential fatty acids an can be consumed daily in a moderate amount (1–2 tablespoons). Other fats such as butter, margarine and lard and several fatty dairy products (e.g. whipped cream, sour cream and crème fraîche) should be used sparingly.
Category 3: Fish, meat, sausages and eggs Eat at least 1–2 servings of fish (each approx 150 g) per week and prefer fatty sea fish (mackerel, salmon, tuna and herring) or local cold water fish such as char. Eat a maximum 3 servings of lean meat or low-fat sausages (300–450 g /week) per week. Eat red meat (such as beef, pork and lamb) and sausages rarely. Up to 3 eggs can be consumed per week.
Category 4: Milk and dairy products Consume 3 servings of milk and dairy products each day. Prefer low fat alternatives. 1 serving equals: milk (200 ml), yogurt (180–250 g) cottage cheese (200 g), curd cheese (200 g), cheese (50–60 g).
Category 5: Cereal products and potatoes Eat 4 servings of cereals, bread, pasta, rice or potatoes. 1 serving equals: whole wheat bread (50–70 g), buns and bagels (50–70 g), cereals (50–60 g), pasta (uncooked 65–80 g, cooked 200–250 g), rice or corn (uncooked 50–60 g, cooked 150–180 g), potatoes (cooked 200–250 g). Prefer whole grain products.
Category 6: Vegetables, legumes and fruits Eat 5 servings of vegetables, legumes and fruits per day. 3 servings of vegetables and legumes and 2 servings of fruit would be idea. 1 serving equals: vegetables (cooked 200–300 g, raw 100–200 g), salad (75–100 g), legumes (cooked 150–200 g, raw 70–100 g), vegetable or fruit juice (200 ml).
Category 7: non-alcoholic beverages (e.g. water, tea, coffee) Drink at least 1.5 l of liquids per day, prefer low-energy beverages (e.g. tap water, mineral water, unsweetened teas and diluted fruit or vegetable juices). A daily moderate consumption of coffee, black tea (3–4 cups) and other caffeinated beverages is acceptable.
Category 8: other food not further specified miscellaneous e.g. mixed dishes, baby food, convenience products
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