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Table 1 Characteristics of the study participantscompared to the whole Hong Kong Population

From: A home-school-doctor model to break the barriers for uptake of human papillomavirus vaccine

Variables Respondents (N) Hong Kong Population
Total numbers of schools 24 1018
 Number of primary schools 12 528a
 Number of secondary schools 12 490a
Total numbers of students 4631 736,229
 Number of primary schoolsstudents 687 317,442a
 Number of secondary schools students 3944 418,787a
Level of education of respondents   
 Primary school level or belowc 11.0 % 29.4 %b
 Secondary school levelc 72.6 % 54.8 %b
 Tertiary or above 16.4 % 15.8 %b
  1. aEducation and Manpower Bureau, HKSAR (Hong Kong) (Last revision date: 09 July 2013)
  2. bCensus and Statistics Department, HKSAR (Hong Kong), 2011
  3. cPrimary education 6 years, secondary education 7 years