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Table 2 Obtaining and disposing of syringes in the Last 30 days among PWID from Xichang, China 2012 (n = 403)

From: A cross-sectional study of the feasibility of pharmacy-delivered harm reduction services among people who inject drugs in Xichang, China

Sources of syringes Syringes disposal
Source No. (%) Syringes usually obtained median(range)* Source No. (%)
Pharmacy 327(81.1) 6(1–180) Throwing syringes away 302(74.7)
Medical facility 93(23.1) 6(1–500) Left syringes where they injected 98(24.3)
Someone else obtain syringes from pharmacy 48(11.9) 3(1–100) Buried or burned syringes 72(17.9)
NEP 36(8.9) 10(2–100) Brought syringes to a NEP 20(5.0)
Syringe seller/drug dealer 25(6.2) 4.5(1–50) Put syringes in a sharps container, or soda or laundry bottle, then threw it away 20(5.0)
Bought from a friend, relative, or acquaintance (PWID or non-PWID) 10(2.5) 5(2–20) Gave syringes to someone else to take to a NEP for them 18(4.5)
Received free from a friend, relative or acquaintance (PWID or non-PWID) 10(2.5) 5(1–25) Gave syringes to an outreach worker or peer educator 10(2.5)
From someone who said they got them at a NEP 6(1.5) 10(1–50) Brought syringes to a pharmacy 1(0.2)
From an outreach worker 2(0.5) 21.5(8–35) -  
Used prescription for syringes because of diabetic or other medical condition 1(0.2) 20(20–20) -  
  1. Abbreviations: People who inject drugs (PWID) needle exchange program (NEP)
  2. *: median and range were calculated only among PWID who obtained syringes from the source