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Table 1 Outputs of technical working group

From: Design, implementation and evaluation of a training programme for school teachers in the use of malaria rapid diagnostic tests as part of a basic first aid kit in southern Malawi



Teachers’ manual

Illustrated manual containing all information pertaining to the LTK, including guide to basic health problems, use and management of supplies, and record-keeping.

Illustrated job-aids

Five job aids designed to support LTK dispensers in (1) criteria for using an RDT (2) danger signs (symptoms) requiring referral to health centres (3) how to conduct an RDT (4) interpreting RDT results (5) treatment regimens for AL, paracetamol and ORS.

Treatment register

Based on design of village health clinic registers as currently used in Malawi, completed for every learner consulted by the LTK dispenser.

Monthly reporting form

As required by district health office for monthly reporting; outlining summaries of health problems seen, treatments given and consumption of supplies.

Stock order form

Completed by LTK dispensers when requesting supplies from a dispensing health centre.

Referral form

For the referral of all learners displaying complicated or emergency ‘signs’ that are not managed using the LTK.

Treatment information forms

To support verbal instructions given to learner; information sheet translated into main local language to explain symptoms observed and management and/or advice given.